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CD Burning - Hardware Error



Can anyone help please - I feel I am being passed between Roxio and Samsung and am not getting anywhere.


I am trying to burn a single mp3 track to a Kodak CD-R and keep getting a Hardware Error [04/08/05] message.


The Samsung TSSTCorp CDDVDW SH-S223Q plays CDs and DVDs without a problem, but will not burn.


Is it Roxio settings or faulty hardware? What can I try and is this an isolated problem or has anyone else experienced this as I cannot find similar issues on the forums.

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Hard to tell. But I would start with using a better brand of media. Next I would try burning with Windows Media Player to see if that works. If so, then maybe there is a problem with Roxio.

What app in Roxio are you using to burn the MP3? Can you please give detailed info on what steps when you get this error?

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Have you tried burning a data CD with the software provided in your Operating System, KJM ?


The Operating systems from XP and upwards have the ability to burn CDs without using third-party software. If you can burn your MP3 to a CD without using anything in Creator 2010 that would point to Roixio as the source of the error.

If you can't, then Roxio is definitely ruled out and you should tell Samsung that.

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