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Roxio audiobook Ripper



The Creator 2010 audiobook ripper is completely retarded if you don't have an iPod. The way in which the application names files guarantees the files will be completely out of order, when it's so easy to avoid. I tried several times to rip an audiobook, following the directions slavishly, and got a different problem every time. I gave up. This was supposed to be easier, and it just isn't.


The way that assures tracks will be properly in order is this: 1. Alway use two digits for the disk number and two for the track number. IOW, Disk 1, track 1, is "0101," and, say, Disk 4, track 3, is "0403," and so on. The album is Title01, Title02, and so on, so that there will be a different folder for each disk. It seems to me this would be an easy program to write.


No audiobook ripping module should depend on CDDB, which is very patchy on audiobooks.


Roxio shoud do thid one over.

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