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"The file X could not be found." CD problem 9.0.7



I finish creating a mix CD and make a few copies, then suddenly the next time I open the Toast mix it can't find any of the music files. I have to search for them manually.


The problem stopped happening when I got my new iMac, but now it's happening again. It even happened again this time immediately after I had found all of the CD tracks manually.


It seems to happen more frequently after Toast tells me it has converted the files. It has also happened with more than one version of Toast that I've owned. I would upgrade to 10 but I'm seriously thinking of going with another product.


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If it is happening after Toast copies the files from a CD to the hard drive, the problem is that Toast automatically deletes those when it quits. The workaround is to drag the tracks from the audio CD to a folder in the Finder to copy them to the hard drive. Then add the tracks to Toast from that folder. As long as you don't move that folder or place the tracks inside any other folder then Toast should find them each time you open the Toast project file.

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