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"Load into new emulated drive" feature not working

Mike Cap



I just recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7. I installed Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 with no problems. When I try to load an ISO image file into an emulated drive drive, it does not work. Here are the steps that I've taken:


1. I right click the ISO file and select "Load into new emulated drive"

2. UAC opens and I click yes to allow it to process

3. A dialog appears that says "Creating emulated drive G:\..." and it hangs here for a few minutes

4. Another dialog box appears that says "Your computer needs to be rebooted to finish the drive configuration. Do you want to reboot now?"

5. I click yes to reboot

6. When windows restarts nothing happens and I am unable to load the ISO into the emulated drive.


I've tried multiple ISO files thinking the file was bad, but no luck. Also, I used this feature extensively when I had Vista and it worked with no problems. I've also tried going though EMC 10 Suite, clicking "tools," then "load disc image" and created a new emulated drive this way. The drive appears in my computer but I can't get the ISO to load into it by right clicking it. One final note, I do have PowerIso 4.6 installed (but I can't use it for this purpose because I am trying to play a DVD in media direct and it doesn't recognize powerIso's emulated drives because they load as CD drives rather than DVD drives).


I really appreciate any help with this problem. Thank you.



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