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Tivo Transfer - blank playlist



Running SL 10.6.2, Tivo Transfer 2.0


It has been working fine until a week ago and I have not changed anything before it stopped working.


Since then:

- I can still see my DVR

- I can select it, and I see Tivo Transfer tries to access the playlist (spinner spins)

- then it stops after a couple of minutes and the playlist if blank, empty.


I have tried changing the media key and see the spinner does not spin anymore (&%$ expected). Changed it back and same results (spinner spins, blank playlist).


I have a second Mac on my home network and Tivo Transfer still works fine on the second Mac.


Any idea?



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Go into the Settings -> Phone & Network Settings screen on the TiVo and make a note of what the TiVo's IP address is set to.


In a browser, go to https:// (note the "s") followed by the TiVo's IP address.


You should be prompted for a user name and password. Put in tivo as the user name and your 10 digit Media Access Key as the password (you may get a Certificate warning before this -- which you will need to accept)


You should end up with a browser representation of the Now Playing List of the TiVo. This will confirm connectivity from that computer (as well as that you have the Media Access Key correct)


- Bob

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