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Help w/Roxio for Blackberry Media Import


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Ok I just imported all 80+ pictures from my Blackberry using Roxio for Blackberry Media Import....I have a memory card in my phone...after it imported all my images it deleted them from my phone!


Is there a way to put them all back on??


Many thanks!!


You would be a lot better off, finding a Blackberry forum somewhere. This isn't it. Discussions in these forums usually involves problems and methods of doing things with the retail versions of Roxio software.


The software, that came with your Blackberry, isn't a retail version. However, there is a Roxio person, who does stop in here and help with minor problems with the Blackberry version, so check back every now and then.

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First get rid of the large font unless you have a vision problem. Although it is not as bad as all caps (shouting), it is very distracting.


Since the images are on your hard drive, why don't you just follow the instructions for putting them on your phone to begin with. I do not have the Blackberry Media Manager but this is how you would do it in the full Roxio version.:


The image is from transferring from the phone to the computer but it should be the same in the opposite direction.

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