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What is the "everything" you refer to?


In your original post you stated you 'uninstalled the program 5 times and reloaded"… That is not the same as 1 Clean Install or following all the prep notes that cd listed.


I have loaded this program on 4 different PC's, XP, Vista & Win7 so I know it loads and works.


How about listing your PC specs like you see most of us have in our signatures. And then detailing the specifics of your installs.





Since you have installed this progrm on different computers using different OS platforms maybe you can help me with my problem? I do not have a clear capture button it is greyed out so I can't click on it to try and begin the capture process of capturing a VHS movie and transferring it to the DVD RW in my Drive. Can you help me?

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You question really had nothing to do with that topic. Better to post your own Topic than butt into someone else’s.


You need to look through cdanteek’s pined post at the top here, to confirm your drivers match his screen caps.


He also have info in there about proper hookups.


If that doesn’t help you need to post your PC specs and some details of what you are doing.


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