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Toast 10 and TIVO



My Mac is running OS 10.5.8 and I am using the lastest version of Toast 10.0.4. I just updated to this version today. The problem I have had, and continue to have, is that my Mac "sees" the Tivo on the network, so I am able to transfer video from Tivo to Mac , but the Tivo does not "see" the Mac. My husband's PC is usually (but not always) visible to the Tivo but my Mac has never been. Also, I have two Tivos on the network. Both are connected with wireless adapters. Until this week, the videos stored on BOTH were available for transfer. Now, all of a sudden only ONE of the two Tivos show a list of videos. The Tivo name shows up, but there are no videos listed. I would appreciate any help to solve these problems....very specific help. Thanks in advance. JC

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