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Roxio MyDVD 10 Burn Project



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I am burning my video to an Image file (iso), It has a Target Media option "-R DL and +R DL" Could someone please explain me the difference and which one is recommended for burning videos.


Thank you,



Do you have a DVD burner capable of burning DL discs? The first DL burners could only burn +R DL discs. Now, most of them will burn both types of DL discs.


I burn +R DL discs, and the only blank media that I have found, that is reliable, is Verbatim.


There are a couple of good, knowledgeable folks, who know a lot about the differences, in how data/video is burned to both types, and they will probably drop in here and explain the differences to you.

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Hello Stan,


DVD- or 'Dash' and DVD+ or 'Plus' are the two different DVD formats used by competing industry groups.

The situation is similar to the competition between the VHS and Betamax formats for videocassettes, except that in respect to DVDs it looks to me as if both formats will survive until DVDs are superseded by some other type of storage.


An article on 'why DVD+ is superior to DVD-' can be found HERE, but it's very technical. For most practical purposes you can use either type of disc largely interchangeably unless you have an old burner which can only use one type.


Every DVD has a small region which tells players what type of DVD it is - DVDROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, rewriteable, double layer etc. Some old cranky players only like DVDROM and react badly to DVD-R or DVD+R and others.


DVD+ discs allow a good DVD burner to change this type indicator or 'booktype' to DVDROM during the burn, allowing a DVD+ disc to masquerade as a DVDROM and play happily on the cranky old burners. You can't do this with DVD- discs. This is the main reason that I prefer to use DVD+ discs for Video-DVDs that someone might want to play in a cranky old player. They're more compatible.




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