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I tried posting this issue in another area of this forum and am still having problems, so I thought I would post here to see if I can get any other help with this ongoing problem.

I bought Creator 2010 and it would not work on my PC. After several days of trying to get it to work, uninstalled it.


However, I still have lingering problems after I have totally removed Creator 2010.

Each time I click on a file or application on my PC, I get the "Windows Installer" message box which then converts to a new window box telling me it is trying to open the file with Roxio Creator 2010.


I have tried all the suggested resolutions from previous posts and none of them fixed the problem. Creator 2010 has been completely removed and all files relating to it and Sonic have also been removed as well as all hidden files. I can not find any evidence of any Roxio files on my PC, yet each time I move my mouse over certain files, I get the "Windows Installer" message and in a few seconds it then opens up another window stating that Roxio Creator 2010 is beginning to install.

How does this happen and how do I get that file removed so it does not pop up each time I try to access a file?

I anxiously await a reply.


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