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Easy CD & DVD Conflict Windows XP/SP3


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I love both Windows XP and Easy CD & DVD 6, although I purchased Easy CD & DVD 10 last year.


However, one BIG issue I've been encountering is that after having installed Easy CD & DVD 6, the PC did not start as it's supposed to be. There are a bunch of sentences popping up BEFORE loading XP, one of which I always clicked to open. Otherwise, the PC keeps to restart and never get XP, that annoying me significantly.


At the top of the screen, ... it says, ... 'Sorry an incovenience, but 'software' installed causing this problem.


Is there a way to make 'Easy CD & DVD 6' installed NOT conflict XP/SP3?


Thanks for your help in advance.

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If you 'updated' Media Player and/or Internet Explorer that could be the problem. They've been known to cause nasty things to happen to earlier versions of the suite


Also, did you remember to turn OFF your anti-virus and any other running apps?

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