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Burned DVD doesn't match the "preview" version



I am using Roxio Creator 9 MyDVD and everything compiles and burns properly and plays on multiple DVD players, however, there is an issue with the videos I have added whenever it plays. Currently the DVD is 8 videos that I have added individually. Some are their original full lengths (2-3 minutes) while others are trimmed down and I have chosen to use only a thirty second clip from them.


Everything plays fine in the preview mode, but when I play the DVD the clips that I trimmed or spliced down, will play from their video from the proper place but the audio will be playing from the beginning of the original movie which I had cut out, and then everything will be off from that point on. (for example, if I chose to not start the clip until 30 seconds in, when it goes to play on DVD the video begins in the proper place but the audio is playing from the very beginning of the original clip).


I have tried saving the file as an image as well as creating video sub-folders and have used various types of software to burn the DVD, but each time the same issue happens in the exact same spot so I am assuming it is a problem with MyDVD when everything is compiling.


Any help regarding how to fix this issue would be much appreciated.

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Of course that should not be happening!


The question is, how did you ‘trim them down’???


Thank-you for your quick reply. I should have been more specific with how I went about things.


I did everything within the MyDVD program. So after I added a video, I simply right clicked on it, selected trim, and then changed the start and end point for my movie.


I let you know that in between movies I ask questions about the previous clip (sort of like the game SCENE IT) using the text feature within the MyDVD program and I play a song in the background (which I have trimmed down in the same manner as the movies). The format of the audio files are Mp3s and some are whatever format Itunes puts them in when you rip them to your library. As with the movie clips, I am having the same issue with the music as well where if the selected song is to start 30 seconds in, it will instead start playing from the beginning.


Again, everything plays how it is supposed to in the preview, but no matter what settings I do and change it always happens at the exact same time and place on the DVD

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Take one that doesn’t work and create a test one by using VideoWave (Edit Video-Advanced). Save the VW Project (dmsm file) and close VW.


Open your MyDVD project and delete that one in your project and add the dmsm file you just created.


Use some RW media and see what happens.


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