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Video Copy & Convert Errors





I have had nothing but trouble with videowave11 stops. Everytime I contact the Roxio support, I either get no good answer or I am told to reinstall. I have reinstalled 3-4 times. Last time took over 3 weeks to complete because of a series of errors on both my part & the support staff [they have a habit of answering the question before they read the problem]. Therefore, I address this problem to the community in hopes of better guidiance.


I build videos using MyDVD. Per support suggestion, I save the output to a file instead of trying to burn the disc directly. Then I use Video Copy & Convert to burn the file to disc. I am running into two problems:


1. During the burn phase, videowave11 will stop working. In the last freeze, nothing was running but the roxio burn software. How do I determine what is causing the failure? My issue is that: (1) it seems that once the problem starts, I will get it very frequently [almost a 50% failure rate] eventhou I reboot the machine each time; and (2) when it stops, it leaves my dvd drive on and it runs like crazy [the only way to stop it has been to reboot].


2. If, in MYDVD I created a video to be copied onto a double-layered disc, I have almost a 100% failure rate in the Video Copy & Convert phase. Somethimes the error is a X0004-type error which I understand as being an undefined error. Othertimes I get the videowave11 has stopped failure.


My questions are:

* what causes the videowave11 stop error and how do you diagnose the cause?

* is there a way to kill the dvd drive after the videowave11 stops - I am not a windows wiz. I suspect that windows or the hardware is looking for some termination and because videowave died, it does not get it.

* is there a reason that roxio has trouble burning to DL-type discs.



If important, hardware/software is:

Windows Vista Home Basic w/ service pack 2

HP a6683w w/ amd processor 2200

2 gb memory

32-bit os


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Well that would be frustrating!


Work through the things that Big Dave listed…


I would try burning to ISO (I think that is what you are doing?) and using the Burn from Disc Image program under the Data/Copy tab on the Home app. – it is a different program and might behave better.


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