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VCC vs Junk



hi I have the same problem as the original posters. I have got the point where I am frustrasted and feel like going to the dark side and buying Nero (is that a swear word here).


I have a number of files (AVI's around 600-800mb). yes, as the other poster said, they are downloaded. I am using Win7 and Roxio 2010.


Copy & Convert - wont even start the conversion process. The preview screen opens up and then the encoding line is highlighted and nothing else.


My DVD - Goes through the encoding process. However, one avi file stops at 1%, one stops at 91% and the other at 98%. At these points on the three films the preview screen goes black and the ram/processor goes idle.


Ironically, before starting the conversion/burn sequence there is an option to preview the movie. When I run this it also stops at the same points as above. The video stops but the audio continues.


I have contacted Roxio and they gave me info on my burner!!. After about two weeks they have told me to reinstall Roxio. I have done that this morning and the same problem has occurred.


I have also updated my graphics driver (even though it did not need it) and installed a good codec pack. The same thing happens.


The movies play fine with WMP without any problems.


Can anyone else offer any solution please as I am getting very frustrated and would hate to go to a rival company as Roxiohas been user friendly in the past.


Kind regards



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I took the liberty of splitting this off the other long topic.


I don’t know why you think threatening Nero will impress anyone here… You go right ahead.


You downloaded junk files and can’t figure out why VCC chokes on them.


Try them in VideoWave then output them if they come in OK.


Or try SyncIt to see what it will do.


VCC is not the only program in the Suite. Be adaptable and learn to use the whole Suite.


You notice in the other thread only one poster would provide a link for others to test the files… You provided no such link.


FYI: playing in a Player tests nothing! Players are designed to put up with multiple errors and keep on ticking. Authoring software is not.

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You could also try running your files through VideoReDo, which has an option to correct errors in files. But as Jim said, there are obviously problems with your files that aren't being handled in MyDVD, so try other options and see if one of them can handle the files.

Yes the VideoReDo (Here) is a cheap software for fixing things!


I prefer to stay within the Roxio Suite, but it may be a viable solution for you.

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