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Easy VHS to DVD capture to iMovie



iMac 8,1 24” 2.8GHz 4GB ram OS 10.6.2

I used Roxio easy VHS to DVD to move some old VHS movies to my Mac, and then used the program to convert them to be used in iMovie. The conversion worked fine while I was using iMovie 7.1.4 and OS 10.5.8 but after I upgraded to OS 10.6.2 and iMovie 8.0.5 I can no longer convert the QuickTime mov files. The file names show up in the iMovie Event Library but when I click on the name I get the following message where the movie clips should be. "No matching video. Choose a different option from the Show pop-up menu at the lower left corner." Trying different options does no good. I discovered Streamclip and downloaded it from the Apple site, and it works fine, but it has so many options I am not sure I am using it to the best advantage. I would like to be able to just do it all with the Roxio program as using Streamclip adds a lot of time to the process. Has anyone run into the Roxio to OS 10.6.2 problem and found a fix? Has anyone any advise on how best to use Streamclip? I have tried convert other then QuickTime and convert QuickTime and 50% and 100% quality, and I cannot see any difference, except convert QuickTime seem faster and 100% quality creates a much larger file When Roxio worked ok I was using ver 1.0. When I reopened Easy VHS I upgraded to 1.0.3 and the program would not work as I have described. I reinstalled as 1.0 and I still have the problem. No matter what solution I use should I use 1.0.3?

Thank you

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You should use 1.0.3. If you want the best quality and don't care much about hard drive space then choose to Export to DV with MPEG Streamclip. If the only reason you are using iMovie is to trim out segments you don't want then you can use MPEG Streamclip to do that as well as using the editor in Toast 9 Basic. If using Streamclip, choose Convert to MPEG when finished editing and Toast can use that file to make a DVD without any re-encoding.

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