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I have a month old Dell Vostro desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium, 32 bit. Video card is Intel GMA X4500HD, processor is Intel 2 Duo E8600 w/6M L2 Cache, memory is 4GB DDR2 800MHz, hard drive is serial ATA 7200RPM w/DataBurst cache. Purchased & installed Creator 2010 separately via hard copy. Downloaded Service Pack 1.


About three weeks ago, using MyDVD, I created/burned a DVD with slideshows and video. No problems. I used the Cascade menu stlye, changed the background menu audio and added various artists/tracks as background audio for the slideshows. The videos did not need any background audio. I changed the font size, stlye and color for menu items. DVD played in all three of the DVD players I have which range from a 2-month old Sony Blu-Ray to a 2 year old Toshiba VHS/DVD combo to a 10-year old Panasonic single disk player. The stills and video had been downloaded to my computer and stored in My Picture and My Video. All could be played/viewed on my computer.


Now, I have spent hours and hours trying to create another DVD that has a useable menu. I have used the exact same methods as used to create the intial DVD (note: I have opened an entirly new project since this DVD contains all new/different stills and video stroed on the computer) and can create a DVD. Everything is fine when I "Preview" it in Creator 2010. HOWEVER, no matter what I have tried, the menu does not highlight on any of my DVD players after burning (obviously a problem since I have no idea where I am on the DVD when trying to play a selected title). I've used DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW. I've used two different menu stlyes in addition to Cascade. I've burned after and before saving the project. I've tried play lenghts of SP and "Fit to Disk".


I e-mail contacted Roxio support. Their reply was that "they are aware there is a problem with this", "they will forward to tech so they can develope a patch", and "have I tried the knowledge base and discussion groups". (looks like they rely on their customers to solve their product problems and then let them know what the solution is) Anyway, does anyone have any idea how this menu problem might be corrected?



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How long is the video?


For quality setting, give "Same as original" a try. Then burn to an image file. Use that file to burn to the DVD disc.


I finally did get a DVD with a useable (i.e. it highlights in a DVD player) after I: 1) reinstalled creator 2010 but did NOT download service pack one, 2) downloaded all recommended Microsoft office updates (I'm running office 2003 and most of the updates were for Office 2007), 3) Made no changes to the font color, size or style

One one or of those things allowed the menu to highlight.

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