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editing video clips under Create DVD



Help out there please. As you know Roxio users guide and support is of almost no help. Users guide has no troubleshooting of any kind. I was editng video clips and suddenly 'green' washed out the entire clip, during playback as well as when viewed under 'Preview'. Also, when attempting numerous fixes, I evidently inadvertently entered a code that split the video clip horizontally. There is nothing on menus, properties, or elsewhere that I have found where errors can be found or instructions on how to fix problems. Searching under the help button is no help. Anyone have any ideas? I just gave up and started over. this is more evidence to me that only HP is worse than Roxio for customer support.


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Most likely a Video card issue – list your computer specs like you see in our signatures.


If you put as much effort into detailing your problem as you did in criticizing everyone else, this will go much faster.


Getting answers from him, will be like pulling teeth, as evidenced in this thread:




I'll bow out now.

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