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Completly Unrelated Question



Hi everyone! I have similar problems to others who have posted in various threads. I cannot get ANY of my avi files to work in any of the Roxio 2010 Special Edition package (VideoWave, VCC, MyDVD, etc.). My OS is Windows 7 (64-bit). I'm no expert, but I'm also not completely new to video editing. I had been using EMC ver. 10, with Windows 7 and had no problems.


There are so many different posts, I've been trying to read through them all and try the different advice offered, but so far, no luck.


I've installed several different codec (XVID, DivX, ffdshow, to name a few). Also, the avi files play fine in various media players - I've learned from some of your posts that players would not really offer any help in troubleshooting.


I purchased Roxio 2010 SE at Costco, soon after purchasing Norton Internet Security 2010 at Costco, and installing it.


Could the Norton Suite be the problem? Any other suggestions/advice?



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I get a "Warning" dialog box, which says, "One or more of files you are trying to add cannot be edited, and have not been added."


I get this same message with any and all AVI files, no matter which program/utility in Roxio 2010. All other video formats are fine. The problem is only with AVI files - no matter what codec they've been encoded with. I've also tried to re-encode the AVI files using Divx Converter and VirtualDub, but the saved files get the same message.


Also, I do have the latest update(s) - the October 2009 SP1 update.

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The videos that I use to transfer over to my portable MP3/Video player and portable DVD player (the one that looks like a tiny laptop) are mostly old blues music videos and guitar method/instructional videos, and live blues/solo guitar performances. A lot of the older ones came from the, now defunct, Stage6.com site, when it was still for musicians and hadn't yet been ruined by the movie pirates.


I don't have any current web-sites at the moment since all the artist web-sites and other music sites have all been going to those FLV files - one reason my old AVIs are so important to me.


I'm not familiar with how to upload any examples. If someone could tell me how that's done, I could give it a try.

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