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1080 playing as 576 on Blu Ray not playing on PS3



I am trying to produce a DVD disc that will play on both a Blu Ray player and a PS3 at 1080 resolution using Final Cut Express and Toast 10 Pro.


The original footage is sub-optimal as it is 720 and then I have scaled it in Final Cut to 1440 x 1080 with the Apple Intermediate codec.


I then have Toast set to MPEG-2, (I got errors with MPEG-4) and an enocoding resolution; average bit rate of 20Mbps and max of 26 Mbps. Audio Dolby Digital at 224 kbps. Half-PEL is checked, it is set to Never reencode, Field Dominance, and Aspect Ratio is set to automatic. It has no menu and is set to Auto-play on insert, and to play continuously.


I have successfully tested the disc on my new slimline PS3 and a Samsung 100hz LCD display with HDMI shows 1440 x 1080i and looks fine.


However, the customer has tried to play it on their new PS3, but it won't play. It will recognise the disc as an AVCHD disc but it will not play it.


A Panasonic BMP BD60 will play the disc but when it is set to automatically play the resolution of the DVD the screen display shows 720 x 576 and looks poor.


The customer wondered if they should download the latest PS3 firmware to see if that fixes it, but I am mystified why it is also only outputting 576 from the Blu Ray player?


Anyone know what would be 1) wrong with the PS3 or the disc? 2) why the Blu Ray is showing 576 when the original file is 1440 x 1080?


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I'm not an expert on Blu-ray and Toast but I've read other posts where the bit rate needs to be at about 16 mbps to be playable on some devices without stuttering. Also, I don't think you gained anything by changing from 720P to 1080i. The quality cannot be increased from what it is. I don't know about the 576.

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