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Cineplayer stops working after audio / sound drivers update



Hi, wondered if anyone can help me.


I have used Creator 2009, including Cineplayer, sucessfully for months. I have the Sp4 patch installed. I am running Cineplayer on three PC's, one with Vista Home Premium 32bit and the other two are Vista Home Premium 64bit.


The problem I get is that Cineplayer will not play DVD's after updating the sound drivers. The Cineplayer window just briefly flashes and then nothing happens, no error messages are displayed.


This happens on all three PC's and note they all have different sound cards, one has Realtek and other two have Creative Soundblaster (different models).


No other program on the PC has an issue when the sound drivers are updated.


I have tried a clean install of Creator 2009 and this makes no difference.


What is weird through is if I create a new Windows Vista user they have no problems using Cineplayer. It is as if something gets corrupted in the existing windows users data / registry setting.


Note that any existing Windows user is affected not just the user that did the audio drivers update. It makes no difference either if the user is admin or limited.


This issue does not occur if I update the nVidia video drivers, it is just the sound driver updates that cause the problem with Cineplayer.


Anyone have any ideas what this is? I do not want to have to create new windows users and copy data across everytime I update sound drivers, just to be able to use Cineplayer?


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thegilpins: EULA – One Software = One PC install



edtx: ??? How is it possibly their fault!


Everything is working fine then you update the Audio Card drivers and it breaks!


Connect the dots! — Working + update driver = breaks audio… Do you think it might be the DRIVER???


Rollback the driver under Device Manager to the working version.


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Yes I have thought about it being the sound driver, but as it happens on both Soundblaster and Realtek cards I am not so sure.


Also no other software has an issue with the sound driver updates, whether games or Vista.


For me problem lies somewhere with Creator 2009.


Glad to hear it is not just me.


Any more ideas?


Interesting to note that this is not an issue for Windows users that have never run Cineplayer. The issue only occurs for Windows users that have run Cineplayer before the Audio driver update.


Does this happen to anyone else?

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