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Edit fails on .ts file

Graham Samuel


I'm trying to edit .ts files that come out of a Humax HDR. They are just PAL-encoded TV programmes, and I want to cut out the commercials. I understand (I think) how to set up the crops for the commercials in the Editor and then to return to Toast, using Save as the option. When I do this, the time of the prog I'm working on changes from 2:18:48 to 1:51:52, corresponding to my cropping. Very encouraging. My next step is either to make a DVD directly or make a disk image. It doesn't matter which option I choose, the resulting DVD ends up at the original length with all the cropping ignored! I have just upgraded Toast 9 to the latest version (I got the notification today when I opened Toast).


Can anyone suggest an approach - maybe a conversion would do it? I have a lot of .ts files which I'd like to edit.



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I don't know what the problem is unless it has to do with the .ts format. It sounds like you did everything correctly including choosing Save in the player/editor. Toast acknowledges the edits and I'd expect it to make them. As a test you might try changing the .ts extension of the source video to either .mpeg or .mpg and see if this makes any difference.

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