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Incomplete burning using NEC ND1100A DVD + RW drive


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I have rarely needed to use my DVD RW drive and have done so in the past to save copies of .jpg photos.


However, I recently tried to burn some audio discs to save some old tracks bought from defunct download services (which still play on the computer).


I first tried to do this via WMP 10. A number of tracks were transferred then I got a message "Windows Media Player cannot find the file. The link from the item in the library and its associated digital music file might be broken..." The message goes on, rather unhelpfully, to suggest repairing the link (without saying how) or removing the item.


I checked this message on the windows site and went on to look under "properties" of each of the tracks I was trying to burn. All appeared to have a "correct" file location (which was simply under My Music/(name of artist)/.....


I had another go and this time the earlier problem track recorded fine after most tracks were burned the same message came up! I had to stop the burn. I did manage to unveil a couple of error messages:


E8004118918 (03/01/00)

E80041930 Track Writer Error Wait failed (T7123)


I then went on to use Roxio CD Creator 5. This provided an easy way of selecting the relevant files required direct from their location on the hard disk, after which it was an easy process to start burning. Again all went well for a while, but then the burn would simply "hang" 3-4 seconds into starting a particular track, and then the flashing light on the RW drive would go out. The only escape was to press the cancel button to stop the burn from continuing. This happened 3 times, with different tracks causing the problem which had "sailed through" before.


I am now left in a puzzle as to what to do. One of the incompletely recorded CDs (burned using WMP) did produce a playable disc of the tracks it recorded. However, put any of the other incomplete CDs into the DVD-ROM (not the NEC RW drive) and it says windows cannot read the disc, while the domestic DVD player describes it as a "bad disc"- a view I have some sympathy with.


I have tried to wipe clean the partial discs, again using the Roxio CD Creator 5. I was able to do this in one instance, going into "Disc Information" from the Roxio menu, and then erasing the items listed, but for the other incomplete CDs, Roxio does not "see" anything on the CDs so does not offer the option of erasing the items! The option to erase is "greyed out". However, even the CD I wiped clean is not recognised by Roxio to be a blank disc for recording to.


I am now in a complete quandary. I have already exhausted the burning rights of three of the tracks I intended to copy to CD, and for another one this is just one more chance left! Obviously the clever people who thought up DRM never imagined people might have problems copying tracks.


What has gone wrong and what is the solution? Is there perhaps a problem with the NEC ND1100A +RW drive? Is there any possible way of "rescuing" the tracks on the incomplete CDs, where I have no further burn rights? How can I otherwise wipe clean the partially recorded CDs? Should I spend money on updating to a later version of Roxio or a similar program? I am more concerned whether I would experience problems trying to record to the +RW drive again, for music or anything else.


I have no plans to change my computer in the near future as the current one was well specified for its time and suits my main purposes of storing photos and browsing the internet (although it would benefit from additional RAM to the 512MB installed), but on the other hand I would not consider getting a new +RW drive for it.


Thanks, I do hope someone out that can help!!

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Trackwrite error is normally caused by the media used or the burner.


What happens if you try to make a small data cd using XP's built in burning capability (use a CD-RW for the test and then you can erase later). This will prove if the CD burner is ok.


If that test fails, you could try a lens cleaning CD.

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