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Media PLayer 11 won't play CDs after uninstalling Sonic Decoder



I have XP Pro and when I uninstalled Roxio Creator 9 via Add/Remove, it also apparently removed most

of the Sonic Cineplayer Decoder. Then, everytime I tried to play a song on a

CD, I was asked to replace the missing Sonic file. I did find Sonic

Cineplayer Decoder in Add/Remove Programs so I removed it. Now WM11 will not

play CD's at all, saying that Media Player cannot support the file.


Is this fixable or do I have to uninstall/reinstall WM11? Is there a

different codec that I am supposed to point WM11 to? I don't think that the

Roxio disk will allow me to separately reinstall the Sonic app.



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Old news I know but I had a similar problem after uninstalling Creator 9. After some google searches ... found that free-codecs has a tool to find and remove broken codecs.


Downloaded it. Virus checked it ... its safe and voila it worked like a charm.


Found all the broken codecs after the uninstall even some I didn't know.


Didn't even have to reboot.


Just posting it here in case anyone else has the same error.




Btw I also use ffdshow.

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