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Popcorn creates grey menu when compressing Video_TS folder

John Sackey


HI, I've been trying to use Popcorn 4 to create a DVD5 version of a DL project for a client to view. When I select VIDEO_TS Folders in the left hand column and drag the right TS folder in to Popcorn it all compresses and burns fine, disc verification completes with no errors but when I go to play the disc in DVD Player instead of my DVD I'm presented with a grey menu with white text and three buttons, Menu, Play All and Play All ALT. The full write surface of the disc is used but I can't access my project, all of the buttons take me to a Blue screen with white text that changes form CLIP 1 to CLIP 2 etc after five seconds or so.


Am I doing something very simple wrong? Popcorn 2 just burned a disc and everything was fine, I've never seen this before.




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The latest updates to Popcorn and Toast to be compatible with Snow Leopard seem to have caused some issue with burning playable video DVDs on all devices. You can choose Save as Disc Image and then burn the disc image using the Image File setting in Popcorn 2. I believe the problem you're experiencing is a bug.


You also can make a copy of the DVD burned with Popcorn 4 using Popcorn 2 and it should play fine.

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