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DVD Playback Issues with DVD Created with MyDVD 10





I have a playback issue with a DVD-R created from captured (DirecTV DVR) video using a Pinnacle HDTV Pro Stick (800e.)


The playback looks great in Windows Media Player using a small window on my PC, but not not on my Sony BDP-S550 DVD or Panasonic DMRES25S players connected to wide screen plasma TVs. There are areas of blurs, particularly where there is text or horizontal lines -- there seems to be pixelation.


The imported file is an mpeg2, less than an hour in duration. The source was taken from a HD sports broadcast.

The settings used were:



* 16x9

* 720X480

* Software encoding

* Bit Rate: 6.5

* Progressive


Are there other settings that may be considered? Or, are there problems with the process I am employing?

In the end, I want to share discs with friends.




Sonny King

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Hi Jim,


Thanks for your reply.


I am not sure where to find the Output settings. I am only familiar with the Project Settings and the Tools/Options settings.


Please advise.






The quality output settings are found in the "quality" drop-down box in the lower right corner of the screen. The "Same as Original" quality setting will not show up in myDVD 10 since it only appears in Creator 2010.


Which program are you actually using? Your post is in the Roxio Creator 2009 forum but in your subject title to mention "myDVD 10"

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OUPUT settings. Should be set to 'Same as Original'.


If you try to make them higher, it will often reduce quality.


Your Bit rate is pretty low for quality (6.5mbps) unless it matches your recording. Try to stay with HQ record settings for best luck even if it means swapping discs during the recording.


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