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Can't Convert files!



:angry2: Okay, I have a DVD in my CD drive, and that's what I chose under player options to convert the file. However, when I try to convert it says there is either a Mac OS error or tells me there is no content for me to copy. I have downloaded the most recent update, and followed the instructions in the manual but nothing happens. It is quite frustrating, and at the moment I regret even purchasing the product.







Computer: MacBook

OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8

Quicktime: 7.6.4

Using: Popcorn 3 with latest download

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Tell me exactly what settings you are using in Popcorn. Does Popcorn describe the DVD and its contents when you select them?


Another method is to use the Popcorn Media Browser. Insert the DVD and choose DVD with the top button of the Media Browser. Double click on what appears in the browser window. You can choose the titles and the chapters levels of the DVD. Drag what you want to the Video Files setting in the Convert section. Popcorn extracts the video from the DVD after which you can choose your conversion.

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