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Analog hi8 camcorder



It has been a hard 2 days getting this far. I'm trying to use capture video instead of plug and burn, as I have seen recomended many times here in the forums. Not working yet - the video shows on the small insert screen, shows that it is capturing, but time elapsed, file size created do not change. When I stop the capture , it saves a file name but there is nothing there and it has no size. I running off a Sony analog hi8 camcorder. When I went to the help tab, I found this:


Welcome to Media Import
Using Media Import, you can copy or record digital photos, video, and movie titles to your computer with one easy-to-use interface. 

Media Import allows you to copy or record from wide range of media storage devices (such as digital cameras, memory cards, flash memory drives, scanners, and discs), and source devices (such as VCRs and Web cameras).


Is this the problem that I don't have a digital camcorder? Am I restricted to using Plug and Burn?


After the problems I've had installing and setting things up (the book made it sound so easy haha) I'm learning to not take anything for granted and to pay attention to each and every word. I know there isn't a lot of detail in this post, but before I get into too many questions, I have to make sure I'm starting out right.




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OK, thanks. At least now I'll be starting out in the right place! I found the checklist for preparation and went thru it VERy carefully - moreso the second time after I got my computer back up and running after doing something wron when editing the registry (blush)


It's all on hold for now till my next days off. Hopefully I won't have too many problems/questions then.

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Sorry you had trouble – should I confess that I wasn't paying attention and got a little frisky one time??? Ended up doing Format C:\ :(


Don't worry about asking questions or airing problems.


There are many who are following along, 47 lookers at the moment, so someone will see it and respond!


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You are getting close!


The Media Import that you quoted only applies to compliant camcorders and not to analogue types like yours…


You have what you need, we just need to get to get it hooked up right.


You did not mention your OS but from what you describe, you do not have the proper drivers installed an it is running on the ones from Windows…


Download these — Here


V2D closed, run the download.


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