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The "Unknown Error" Message



I bought the "Red Box" version of Easy CD & DVD Burning yesterday at Staples. The installation process works fine. But when I click on the desktop icon, I get the first screen, Roxio Central, immediately followed by the message:


"Cound not complete the last command because: unknown error"


I have tried the repair option as well as reinstallation...with the same results. I have:


*Dell Dimension 4600

*Pentium 4

*All 3 Windows XP Service Packs


The program itself was installed to a Seagate external drive with hundreds of gigabytes left on it. If no one has a solution, I guess I will just return it.

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'Unknown Problems' require 'Unknown Answers'


I believe only the 10.3 version has a repair option…


In the Red Box versions (there are 3) only the 10.3 has the Win7 Compatible logo on the box. And Help – About will show 10.3xxx as the version.


Best bet would be to follow these tips – KB Page


And do the full Clean Install – Here


I do not install programs to anything but the C:\ drive... less problems that way.

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