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USB Capture Device Compatability

Howard K


I just purchased Roxio 2010 Creator. I have about 60 120 minute Hi8 tapes that I want to convert to DVD. These were all shot on my Sony Digital Video Camera Recorder. It is a Digital 8 DCR-TRV530. Unfortunately, the film loading mechanism on the camera broke recently. Sony wants more to fix my old technology, than it costs to buy a brand new video camera. I have decided to rent a Sony Video Walkman Hi8 Tape Player and Recorder model number GV-A500. It has both S-Video and Rca Jacks.


1. Will I be able to plug this Sony Walkman into the USB Capture Device and convert my Hi8 digital tapes to DVD like it says on my packaging?


2. Do I need any other cards, devices, drivers, chips, or adapters, or do I have everything I need?


3. Transferring this way, will I be able to burn a DVD as I am playing the video into my computer, or will I need to create files and then transfer them to DVD?


4. Can you quess how long each tape will take to transfer, because I need to know if I need to rent this machine for a day or a week?


5.Also, how do you hook the USB up to a VHS Tape player to convert VHS to DVD and do I need anything else like another card or anything?



I have my Roxio Creator 2010 installed on my new dell laptop with windows 7.


Help me please. I am not finding the answers I want all the places I have been looking.



Howard K


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