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Windows 7 compatible easy vhs to dvd



I have recently bought a windows 7 compatible easy vhs to dvd. I have installed it and checked all my leads are working. When it comes to capturing the video the capture button is greyed out. I have so far


gone into options and checked the video part is on pal I the correct one for uk


I have checked my help about and seen that I dont have a service pack at all, so I downloaded service pack one, then went to download service pack 2 and it wont let me because it says I havent got the software on my computer...I have! Also from readign the forum service pack 2 is no compatible with windows 7.. but i would of thought having a windows 7 compatible original programme I wouldnt of needed the service pack anyway??


I am now completey stuck and ready to take the thing back to the shop....any ideas?

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Whatever you read about the V2D, SP2 is wrong! I am curious where you saw that, so it can be corrected???


If you click on Help – About from the Home app, you will see that you already have SP2 installed on your version… (do me a favor and carefully list the full Version Number and Build number – I have never actually seen the Win7 V2D – don't list your Serial Number)


Mine looks like this: post-39730-1260989700.jpg


Now to get you running!


First guess is you SCART adapter. Best bet is to take it to an electronics shop and tell them you are doing capture with it, and confirm it is the right one for that work!


Second likely suspect – look through cdanteek's pinned post at the top here and compare his pictures with your system and hookup.


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