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Icons in folder moving after burn



Mac 10.5.8 with Toast 10.0.5


Creating a PC/Mac disk. I have a folder on the desktop with the files in it. I have it arranged as an icon view. I drag the folder to Toast. I put a background image on the folder and a image for the disk. I toggle some entries to show PC and Mac files for the different platforms.


I burn the CD without issue. When I insert the CD into the Mac, the folder will auto-open and show it with the correct disk icon and window background and all the icons. The problem is the icons have moved to the upper left part of the window. I have tried locking the folder before dragging it into Roxio. I have tried different backround images for the window. All result in the same problem.


If I burn it without putting a background image, the icons do not move. If I burn it with a background color or picture, the icons move.


The same results if I try to create a Mac Only disk. Everything is fine until any background is used and then the icons move.


I installed a fresh copy on a 10.6 installation with 10.0.5 and the same problem exists.


I downgraded to 10.0.4 and the same problem exists.



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Has this issue been resolved? Is there a way to set a custom arrangement of icons? I am trying to create a Mac/PC disc that autostarts in Windows, and shows a custom layout with the "start-up" file prominently displayed.


The KB article ET6000037 describes a method. But after mounting the disc image, I cannot rearrange icons as it says that I can. In the Get Info window, I cannot adjust permissions to allow me Read access to the image.


KB article link: http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/conte...S=set-locale=en

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10.0.5 on Mac OSX 10.6

I have created a Temp Partition in Toast and then using Disk Utility, copied the folder and the files to it.

I copied just the files from the Temp partition to the burn window and get the same result. I have copied the folder from the temp partition and get the same result. I tried it with the locked and unlocked folder.


In all these tests, I am creating a .toast disk image and then mounting it to see the results.

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This is outside my expertise but have you tried this using a temporary partition for the folder? It might be necessary to dismount and remount the temporary partition in order to lock those locations. Similarly when not using a temporary partition it may be necessary to log off with the folder open in the Finder and then log back on before burning the folder. I don't know if any of this makes a difference but it is something to experiment with.

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