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Avi to DVD turns out Black and White?



Hi, I'm hoping someone here will have heard of something like this. I've asked in other mac forums, but they seemed as baffled as I am.


I wanted to burn some avis to watch on tv so I used Toast and everything seemed to work just fine, it encoded and burned, but when I tried watching them on my dvd player they were all black and white. The sound was perfect and you could see the image bu it was a very dark black and white.


Just in case, I'm on a intel imac, I downloaded the DiVX player/codec but I can only watch those files on the DiVX player. Toast 7 has worked extremely well and fast for every other task I've performed, burning music cds, data cds, etc.


Hope someone here can help, and thanks in advance :)

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Can you tell us what Codecs were used for the audio and video portions of the original DiVX file?


Thanks for responding! Thankfully the problem was solved just a few minutes ago. I too thought it could be the codecs but I found the problem on Toast>Preferences>General the TV Standard was set to PAL instead of NTSC (I am officialy a dummy!) :)


So thanks again!

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Hi all,

PAL/NTSC settings aside - has anyone else experienced audio issues when burning DivX -> DVD?


I have created a DVD from DivX files, but the resulting disc does not have the audio of the originating files. The Toast documentation doesnt mention many details about this operation relating to audio.


I dont have access to the DivX file at my present location, but i can post details of the codec if necessary.



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