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Could not record to disk



Hi all,


When trying to record a Video TS to a DL DVD I get the following error code.


"Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS Error. Result Code -50" as soon as the window shrinks to the recording window.


The amount I am trying to record is 7.4 Gig and the DL is rated to go up to 8.5 Gig


When checking the "compress to fit" button, I get no error code even though I am still using a DL DVD.


Any ideas as to the problem?



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When the Fit-to-DVD box is checked and you insert a DL disc do you get a dialogue box asking if you want it to fit a single- or dual-layer disc? That's what happens when choosing Save as Disc Image so I'm wondering if it might happen when clicking the burn button as well. If so, there isn't any reason to uncheck Fit-to-DVD.


The brand of DL DVD media also can matter depending on the optical drive and its firmware. Verbatim DVD+R DL media is supported by all drive manufacturers but many other discs may fail. You can read user reports about the specific brand of media you are using by inserting a disc and choosing disc info from the Recorder menu. The window that appears has a hot link to a site where users submit reports about different media brands and manufacturer codes.


Some other things to try are choosing Save as Disc Image and burning that to disc using the Image File setting in the Copy window, or using DVD-ROM (UDF) in the Data window, clicking New Disc, adding the VIDEO_TS folder, and burning the DL DVD.

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