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Creater PRO 2010 does same thing creator ten did..



I've got a sudden issue. I don't remember this happening before recently so I can only believe the issue has to do with a MS update. On movies with dark screens and music, the audio cuts in and out to an annoying degree. I also saw this in creator ten, I was hoping that 2010 would have corrected the problem but apparently not. The issue happens on two different computers, only things in common on both machines are the same xp64 bit os, both burners are sata and made by asus and both have similiar models of soundblaster pci video cards(two different cpu's, different sound cards but both soundblaster).


I've made tons of movie disks with creater ten, never had that issue, I can only guess some microsoft fix that broke something else. I saw a suggestion to turn off antivirus, tried that, didn't help. Saw another suggestion to change audio settings? On neither machine do a I get a choice of audio settings. Most movies that skip on either of my two standalones don't also skip when played on the pc. I tried another suggest to burn off a iso image, that one is worse, it also skips on the pc not on just the standalone players.


Some theorize the standalone players don't have enough buffer space, well shouldn't roxio be smart enough to deal with that knowing that many of the projects created with 2010 will be played on a standalone player.


At my wits end? any ideas?

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