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Install failure: interruptions and roll-backs



Hello! My "Roxio Creator Pro 2010" has repeatedly failed to install because of some interruption. I've worked through some of the discussion threads' recommendations, but it is still not loading.


Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2

AV: AVG Internet Security 9.0.716


I ran MSCONFIG and disabled all items under Startup.


I stopped AVG Internet Security by disabling (under MSCONFIG) AVG WatchDog, AVG FireWall, and AVG9IDSAgent.


I also stopped (through MSCONFIG) Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_x86 and Windows Firewall.


User Account Control is turned off.


I am using the administrator account.


I'm flummoxed what is interrupting the Roxio installation. Suggestions?


Here's a section of my APPDATA log.


12/19/09 08:52:53 - Updating install progress: 12 / 31, Installing Roxio CinePlayer

12/19/09 08:52:53 - Executing setup action: InstallActions.CINEPLAYER_53.Install

12/19/09 08:52:53 - RunCommand returned: "0"

12/19/09 08:52:53 - Action InstallActions.CINEPLAYER_53.Install return code: 0

12/19/09 08:52:53 - Action InstallActions.CINEPLAYER_53.Install is Sync

12/19/09 08:52:53 - Action InstallActions.CINEPLAYER_53.Install has SyncHandle not equal NULL.

12/19/09 08:52:53 - Installing Package: 'D:\CINEPLAYER_53\CP.msi', with Properties: 'REBOOT=ReallySuppress TRANSFORMS="D:\CINEPLAYER_53\1033.mst" ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT=1 ROX_KEYTEXT=FQ-6S6PT-W22JH-0M4K8 DESKTOPICON=never QUICKLAUNCHICON=never INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Roxio 2010\" MPI_SUITE_ID={89A15676-78AE-4D51-BF5B-DEE3E0D46C94} MPI_EULA_ACCEPTED=1 ADDLOCAL=ALL'

12/19/09 08:53:03 - Execution of Windows Installer package 'D:\CINEPLAYER_53\CP.msi' finished with exit code = 1603

12/19/09 08:53:03 - Updating install progress: 13 / 31, (null)

12/19/09 08:53:03 - Action InstallActions.CINEPLAYER_53.Install failed with exit code 1603.

12/19/09 08:53:03 - Installation failed with error code 1603

12/19/09 08:53:03 - Rolling back installation

12/19/09 08:53:03 - Caught cancelation exception while running install actions

12/19/09 08:53:03 - Updating install progress: 13 / 31, Preparing to roll back...

12/19/09 08:53:03 - Updating rollback progress: 13 / 31, Preparing to roll back...


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I am pleased to report that Roxio Creater 2010 has finally loaded. I have not yet used the product, but at least it's loaded now. Following my earlier post, I entered MSCONFIG again and disabled the following:


Adobe Active File Monitor V8

Apple Mobile Device

Bonjour Service

iPod Service

Windows Update

InCD Helper

Nero Registry InCD Service

NMIndexing Service

Seagate Service




Following the load of Roxio, I have enabled all these services/processes and have restarted my computer successfully. So far, so good.


If one of the system pros would like to offer any further advice--particularly if I should not have been temporarily deactivating any of those--that is very welcome.


Let me state, though, that I am not pleased with this Roxio load process. After multiple restarts and install roll-backs, installing Roxio Creater 2010 has taken nearly six hours of my time. This has been the most difficult installation that I have encountered.

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