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video picture size

Doctor Joe


I created a great video of a classical performance; but when I ran the DVD, it came up on the TV as stretched tall and not wide enough. The original data looks and sounds great; but when rendered through Videowave, it comes out stretched. What's up? I set everything up as 4:3, and high quality; but..... nothing I've tried fixes the problem.

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NOPE. Other DVDs display normally, and the original video looks great. And if it stretched the 4:3 movie, it wouldn't show up tall and squeezed horizontally...


Probably nothing…


You probably have your DVD Player or your TV set to display in 16:9 so it streaches your 4:3 movie.


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Played it on a TV that predates 16:9 and it comes out the same. Too tall, and squeezed from the sides.... Its something in the Roxio program. Maybe something I don't get.

If you play commercial DVD & Blu-ray movies you will quickly note that they don't even get them to play consistently.


It goes back to your source and the settings you use.


MyDVD depends strictly on the Source file, it does nothing and has nothing you can change it with!!!


Only in VideoWave can set it to Widescreen post-39730-1261316263.jpg



and then set how to handle non-standard widescreen post-39730-1261316311.jpg


But these must be set, Before you load your clip in!!!


There is another way using Overlay to manually adjust but it usually is not needed.


But with all the other ratios out there, it does get a little confusing and frustrating

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