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Roxio Media Important System Freeze



Anyone else experiencing this? I have a new system, working fine except when using Roxio Media Import. Am importing from VCR via Plextor capture USB device; using latest drivers and Windows 7 64 bit. Whenever I click on a file in the "Recently Imported" window, the screen goes black and the system completely freezes. The computer stays on - but a black screen that I can't shake any way other than to do a hard shut down of the system.


This also happens when I reach the end of the recorded portion of the tape before I stop recording using the "stop capture" button.


Any ideas?

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Sometime when you are having troubles you lose track of what you tired and did not try. Ask me how I know that :lol:


The Plextor device is still usable but you will have to use their software when you want to capture.


The Tuner card may yield better results. Try both and decide!


Let us know how you make out.


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Thanks Jim.


Yes, the Plextor software works well with it, and has an additional, very handy feature - you can "pause" capture, then restart it for on-the-fly editing if you're willing to sit through the entire recording.


I've tried comparisons of captures with the Plextor versus using the tuner card and Roxio Media Import, and I think there may be a slight quality advantage to the tuner card - but it's so close that I'm not sure enough to lay a bet on it.


I did import a 30 minute recording last night using the tuner card and Media Import - and no issues - no crashes, so it looks like I do have two useable choices.


Thanks again for the quick response and discovering the Plextor limitation.



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Well, back to the Plextor digital converter . . . as others have noted, one of Media Import's weaknesses is with blips in the recorded stream. I'm trying to digitize several dozen 8mm tapes - home movies - and like most folks, they have lots of recorded starts and stops. For whatever reason, sometimes the gaps between recordings is just long enough for Media Import to assume that's the end of the recording.


It worked fine with I had a continuous 30 minute recording yesterday, but today with a one hour recorded tape full of starts and stops - it kicked off about halfway through. This is a huge issue for me, and combined with the inability to pause and restart, well, I'm going to have to go back to the Plextor.



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You have had this program for over a month, is this something that just started?


It may not be able to use the Plextor device. Do other files work OK?


I looked on their site and for the PX-AV200U they say that it will only work with the special software they include…


Jim, I think you may have solved it.


Yes, I've had the program for a month but just started using the Media Import application a couple of days ago.


You're correct - I did not realize that Plextor stated only their software would work with their digital converter. Interesting - Media Import "tries" to use it but with difficulties like I experienced.


I tried again connecting directly to the tuner card without using the Plextor digital converter, and Media Import accepted it without crashing. I thought I'd tried that before with similar results, but today - no crashes - so I'll give it another whirl.


Thanks for your help!

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