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Configuring Toast for file archive purposes



I need to configure Toast to work the way I want. There are several issues.


Background: I'm using Toast to backup a large photo archive.


When using Toast to backup files:


1) I need to configure Toast to span folders but not span files by default, rather than have to "load" a job or check the checkbox each time I make a photo archive backup.


2) I need to configure Toast to NOT put the "restore" application on the DVD. I just need a plain data DVD of photo files, using Toast to span the files across many DVDs.




When I put a Toast-generated backup photo archive DVD in the computer I don't want Toast to change my Finder preferences!


3) I need to disable this behavior:


Toast hides the Finder toolbar and changes the view to icons. When I double click on the archive it opens Toast to restore the "spanned archive" files rather than just open the files on the DVD.


4) What I need instead: I want the DVD to act like any other data DVD or external drive - just open the files. No autoplay, no changing Finder, no nothin'. I *think* this might be accomplished by #2 above, but if it's a setting in the Toast application and not just from the restore ap on the disk, then I need to know how to change the setting.



5) When Toast hides the Finder toolbar this persists when I open new Finder windows. This is bad, very bad. Your application should NEVER change the user's OS or other applications configuration!



I'm using Toast 10.0.4 on Mac OS X 10.5.5 on a MacBook Pro.

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Toast cannot do what you want. The only way to come close with Toast is to create individual single-disc data projects so each disc is burned as a data disc. As soon as you introduce automatic spanning Toast works the way you've seen it work.

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