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C20009 & Win 7 Pro



I tried to install C2009 under Win 7 Pro since it was supposed to run under Win 7 Pro's XP Compatibility mode, maybe with SP4. I installed the Win 7 Pro version so I could run my "old" Apps.


I don't want to buy C2010 as I've owned C2009 for only a few months. The C2009 installation attempt was aborted after 45 mins with no further apparent progress on installation-- despite much activity & noise from the DVD drive.


A system message appeared confirming termination the installation & saying 'no files on the computer have been changed'. Oh yeah? The Roxio C2009 was listed in Control Panel/ Programmes & it was clear over 3 Gb of stuff had been installed, virtually everything on the installation disc. Only a couple of components -- BackonTrack Home & CinePlayer. So much for "no files being changed" by the aborted installation. Nothing could be uninstalled from Control Panel.


I'd like to clean all this mess from my PC. Maybe then I might think about a possible re- install if it can be done without the hassle I had on the first attempt. nyComments please on these cleanup/installation problems with Win 7 Pro?


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Thanks. I'll not attempt to reinstall Creator 2009. I know it's not compatible with Windows 7. My point was that Win 7 Professional version emulates XP for legacy application support. That's the main reason I chose the Pro version. Meanwhile, I rolled the system back with System Restore & hey, I'm back to where I started


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Actually anyone who has used a 'virtual machine' found out the hard way that the necessary graphics drivers, etc just weren't there (they used a generic driver in the VM)


If, however, you're talking about 'compatability mode' - you're still running under the W7 OS and will hit the same problems

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