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Slideshow Hang Up ... Then Skip ..... please help



I have MYDVD9 studio Premier on a PC with Windows, i have done a few movie and slideshow projects, i have learned my way through most of how everything is done, but cant seem to get past this problem.



I am working on a movie project with a seperate button (movie) for a slideshow.

the movie part is fine, the menu is fine, and the slideshow is built and plays fine during preview. but when i do a burn, and go to play it in my DVD player, midway through it hangs for a second, then skips forward to near the end of the slideshow, skipping a good 6-7 minutes. If it matters, the slideshow is 250 pics and 5 songs, appx 17 minutes long.

I have done a good 10 burns now and every one has the same exact problem in the same spot. i have rendered from hardware to software, changed the bitrate, burned directly to disc, burned to ISO, burned to -R, +R , DL discs ,but nothing I do seems to help. The project is too large for HQ setting, and slightly too big for fit to disc, I have it on SP


I am working on a last minute Christmas project, and have been putting a good 12hrs a day into this thing trying to get it to burn, I am running out of time and really need some help.


any suggestions?


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