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Ty Catt


Hey Y'all,


I'm having a weird problem. For some reason, when I import a movie into My DVD, right click and edit chapters, set chapters (with "generate chapter menus and link to selected button" checked, then preview the video, the chapter buttons (created for you automatically in the menu) play the video from the start of the movie and NOT the chapter point. But if I hit the "next chapter" button, the DVD advances the correct chapter point.


The weird thing is that I've done this procedure a million times and its worked in the past just fine. I've opened up saved projects that have worked in the past, cross checked them, and can't find a difference.


This finished DVD is an Xmas gift and now I'm getting nervous!


Please help!


Thank you!



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Sorry, I cannot reproduce that behavior...


Anything else you can provide?




Thanks for the reply.


I actually figured out a way to fix it. In the project settings panel, under the Movie Buttons area, having the option " play movie and all remaining movies in project" created the problem. Changing it to "Play movie only" alleviated the problem.


The weird thing is, I NEVER changed this option in my life.


Don't know why it flip floppped to this setting.


But the project was completed, and everyone was happy on Xmas morning.


Thanks again Jim, for your attempted help. Having these forums around is a huge asset to the Roxio community!



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