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Video format - best choice?



What is the best choice of video format when capturing from Hi8 analog video tape , with the intention of creating DVD output.

I do not understand the implications of the options when capturing video in Creator 2010 (DV,DVD, etc.....), however I notice they instantly make a massive difference to the size of the capture file.








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>I am trying to produce DVD's for watching on the PC and also TV(PAL as I am in the UK)




It depends on your computer space and system.


If you have the space, capture as an AVI file. It will be large but the program doesn't have to keep converting back and forth when you do and edit. It is an uncompressed format. You may be able to capture easier if you use it.


If space is a problem then capture as an mpg2 file if you can. this is smaller and your computer will be slower in editing. It is a compressed format. You may have more problems capturing it because your computer must convert it on the fly.


Do all your editing in Video Wave; aka Edit Video-Advanced. Set the 16*9 or 4*3 option depending on what you captured. Make sure you select PAL in the Production Settings. Just save the project in Video Wave. Do not move any of your files; all you are doing is making a road map to the files to use in your production.


Open Create DVD, again select the project settings and chose menu or no menu and DVD , AVCHD, Blu-Ray etc.


Create an ISO file and then when the coding finishes, copy the ISO file to a disc using Copy and Convert.


This should help in defining the work flow. Note that this was for Creator 2009 so some of the names may have changed.


Thanks Jim


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