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Using Vista 64-bit. I own 6.3??? version of DVDit ProHD, but after installing the program won't run. The splash screen appears momentarily and then goes away and nothing happens after that.

Wrote to tech support (the usual mistake) and they told me that this version is a legacy version no longer supported, yet they offer no newer version. The referred me to a link with a list of "legacy" software and DVDit ProHD is NOT on the list. What the hell is wrong with these people. I have owned this software since the version came out but never had it installed as I use Encore CS4. I was having problems with CS4 and was in a hurry to finish a project so I tried to use DVDit Prohd, whichc as you now know didn't work. So I reinstalled Encore which is now working again and I was able to finish the project. I won't be using DVDitProHD as it was great when it first came out but has never been updated with any viable features for quite some time. Anyway, has anyone else run into a problem running DVDit ProHD on a 64-bit system? I'm not going to ask about tech support because we all know how horrible that has always been. I also looked around on some torrent sites and found many with Roxio products available. I'll never PAY for another piece of coded-crap from Roxio again.

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About versions, 6,3 only works on systems with XP as OS, I have a dedicated system for that, also using WMP 10 on that system due to compability probs that I saw with WMP 11 once released.


6,4 seems to work on all systems but, in my opinion has other probs, as reencoding of already created dvd files and that ridicolous creating of GI files instead of ISO files when creating BD images.



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