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VideoWave crash



Started using 2010 pro this week, and I've had VideoWave crash 3 times on me while trying to edit video (Win7 Ultimate x64). I'm at the point where I'm saving my work after every single change to prevent losing anything, which is getting fairly annoying. Debugging it, seems all 3 crashes so far have been caused by SonicHDDemuxer.dll. Looks like one orphaned critical section, one possible case of heap corruption, and not sure on the 3rd yet. I've got a WER dump and a crash dump I set up for (full memory info, not a mini dump), happy to send it to someone over at Roxio if you guys are interested, just let me know where to upload the files.


Oh, and yes, I'm running the latest Creator SP.

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Add Remove Programs – Roxio 2010 – Repair.


That should do the trick.


Most of here are just users like yourself.


Love to, but I'm on vacation and the install disc is at home (and yes, it asked for it when I hit repair). I'll give it a shot when we get home, but I'm not sure how it'll fix what appear to be bugs in a specific dll. Things like heap corruption and orphaned critsecs generally aren't caused by improperly registered dlls :)

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