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Frames/Mat/Edge Not available



I just got the Roxio Creator 2010. I am playing with the photos and when I try to add a frame or edge (or mat) I get a window saying "There are no itmes to show to this view" and I see no search options. I checked using the file manager and I found under C:\Program Files\Roxio 2010\PhotoSuite 12\Content\Borders\ subfolders for all 3 of them and files in them.


How can I enable the software so it can use the borders?


Thanks for your help!

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Yes, I do have the SP 1. My version of creator is 1.2.193 SP1; 5.0.0


My computer specifications are:


Dell Latitude E6400

Windows XP professional SP3

Intel Core2 Duo CPU T9550 @2.66GHz



I did a full install from the CD I got from Costco.




1. Open Photosuite

2. Open a photo from my PC (jpeg)

3. Change to "Enhance your photos" tab

4. Click on Frame. it opens a "Frame" window with a message: "There are no items to be displayed", The select a Frma List of values is disabled.


Same thing happens with Clip art, Mat, Edge


If I check my installed files under C:\Program Files\Roxio 2010\PhotoSuite 12\Content\Clip Art\Baby, I find the files in there under different subdirectories (jpg)


If I check under C:\Program Files\Roxio 2010\PhotoSuite 12\Content\Borders I find files (png files)

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In case an image is better to explain my problem:


here is the photosuite:




and here is a list of my files...





Can anyone please confirm what directory (and directory structure) is photosuite expecting to find?

I would really appreciate any help. If I cannot make this work in the next couple of days, I think I would return this product and try a different software. (I know it would be another pain.. but I am not sure what else to do :( )



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Is there anything here that will help you? One of the earlier versions had that problem with some of the mats but it was fixed.


Often, if you install the program with your anti-virus ON, then some .dll are not registered properly and the program can't find them. Try to do a repair.

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This is funny. I got only one CD, with only one installer (the setup.exe). This installer did not give me any options to install the content. I tried about 5 times to run it and it always installed (I guess All) as if it was never installed.


By chance I run the setup again but this time one of the Roxio programs was already running. This time the installer detected the previous installation and asked me if I wanted to Repair or uninstall, so I chose to Repair. When repairing, it fixed the content!!


Not very intuitive... but got it working now.


Thanks for your help!! Looks like I will stick to this software for now :)

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I just re-installed the product after disabling the antivirus program. No luck, I got the same behavior.


With the mats, I have the option open the templates by selecting "Using my own photo".. but whit the clip art, fram or edge, I don't have options to open nothing.


Does anybody know if there is a way to get support from Roxio on this issue? or anybody has any other tip I could try?





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