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About playing QuickTime movies?



I just installed EMC8 (regular version. English), and am sorting through various movies. I'm assuming there's no QuickTime player since I double-clicked on some "*.mov" files and WinXP asked what to use to open the file. So, wondered if could ask for assistance with these...


1) Is there any issue with installing QuickTime (ver 7 is latest) from...


Seems like I had installed it on another PC once before, and it caused some problem or confliced with something, I don't recall. It should only "take over" opening "*.mov" files, right? Not "seize" lots of other formats and cause me to have to go through and re-point the "open with" for lots of other things, right?


2) On my PC, there are maybe a few dozen QuickTime movies, problem is…SOME seem to play and others don't. All have content (varying from let's say 1.5MB to 8MB). Right now, double-clicking launches (opens with) PLAY32, and I press play (>) and the progress bar slides across postcard-sized grey screen, but it's blank as progress bar goes across. OTHER movies, when I click on them, open up and play just fine. Any idea what's going on here? Is this "PLAY32" the same as QuickTime or is it some Microsoft application? If it's not QT, I wondered why it took over as opener of the "*.mov" files.


3) In Roxio EMC8, is there any application like VideoWave that would have capability to "Convert" the "*.mov" files to something else? Either way, what format (wmv?) do most people convert odd files to?




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You should be able to install QT no problem.I believe that when you install it you will get the choice of what formats to make it the default for.As far as PLAY32:PLAY32.EXE is an executable from the software QuickTime for Windows version 2.1.59 by Apple Computer, Inc.. PLAY32.EXE version 2.1.59 is most commonly found under the directory "WINDOWS" with a creation date of March 25, 2005.

The reason why all your movies don't open with it is the newer ones are probably looking for a newer version of the player.


Just a quick note.I just downloaded and installled it and you can set the defaults at install.

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