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Brief question, what's "upconverting DVD" and "HDMI output"?



I noticed at Costco a DVD player on sale and wondered if there's some new DVD standard out there...


This player says it is an "upconverting DVD player with HDMI output". I wondered what this is and are there any implications with respect to buring DVD's with something like MyDVD. Or any benefits to using this HDMI output with Roxio. That is...


To play DVDs or CDs, does this player require me to, in Roxio, burn a DVD or CD some certain way?


To record something into Roxio capture, does the "HDMI" output do anything special/useful that my everyday combo DVD/CD player/burner wouldn't do... insofar as importing/capturing data off a DVD/CD goes?




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HDMI output is a special High definition connector for video.


Upconverting is the term used to convert standard definition (TV or DVDs) to High definition output.


MyDVD does not high definition buring of video DVDs. There are a few DVD players on teh market that will play DivX HD and HD Windows Media discs. I don't know if those discs support menus or not. I think they are just data DVDs.


If you're looking to purchase high definition player, wait until the blueray technology hits the market maybe by the Thanksgiving or earlier.

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One other thing about HDMI is that it transmits both audio and video.It's used to connect your DVD player to either your TV or maybe Sound System.Either way if you plan on using it then you need to make sure that what you're hooking it to has the inputs that will accept it.

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