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Does Creator 2010 include Easy DVD Copy 4 Premier?



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Most of us here have C2010, but I don't think any of the gurus have Easy DVD Copy 4 Premier so you would need to tell us what applications does Easy DVD Copy 4 Premier include and what version numbers do the main applications have?


Easy DVD Copy 4 Premier is only half the price of the main C2010 suite, so I imagine it would be the usual feature-reduced subset of a main suite, but I don't know which main suite. Those version numbers should tell us.

Your EMC 8 is 4 years old, EMC 10 is 2 years old. I suspect that the newest version of Easy DVD Copy 4 Premier is based on EMC 10 with changes to make it compatible with Windows 7.


What is really comes down to, is "Do your EMC 8 and EDVDCopy4 together have everything you need?" If so, where's the need to upgrade?


[but I still would like to know applications and version numbers for Easy DVD Copy 4 Premier :) ]



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