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Capture in widescreen



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i just this software but before i use it i need to know if can capture widescreen video. thats the reason i have it. if it doesnt i'll have to return it.

Near as I can tell, no…


But I did not try the S-Video connection as it was not available from my source (camcorder)…


I don't really have the time to try it out today but if anyone else has had success, chime in!


Might help to have a little mroe detail about your Source??? I suspect it can make a difference.

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I'm trying to capture from a game console (like Wii) that output full widescreen naturally. I need to know if this software can capture that or if it can only render in 4:3 like my other capture software

Capture and Render are 2 different things!


VideoWave must be set to a Widescreen project before anything is added! Then you have to set the Project Properties as to how to handle non-widescreen… Again this must be done before you add a clip.


You can actually toggle the Project Properties as you go if you are combining clips of a different nature.


Surprisingly, while 4:3 is constant, Widescreen is widely variable in how it is handled! Hence there are 3 different settings for it. – actual widescreen and 2 alternates to handle widescreen that is not properly widescreen. :o


If you have the program you can try all of them out on the same short test capture in VW and see what works for you.


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