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EMC8 Limitations



I recently purchased EMC8 Suite. Since using it to create some home videos I have run into some limitations with my version.

1. I cannot do any advanced editing of any video effects. I can just put them in and us the default settings.

2. I can't change the appearance (or rename) buttons on the main menu of my projects.

3. The shortest duration I can set for a photo is .33. I would like something closer to .04 because I would like to do some stop action videos and .33 is very jumpy.

4. I cannot change some settings (like duration) for multiple photos/clips at the same time, I have to change it for each photo/clip individually.

These are just the items I have run into while trying to create one home video. I have become quite disappointed with the product because I thought I was getting a fully functional version. I know most of these functions are available because I see them in the menus, I just can't select them. I assume if I want access the all the features I need to buy EMC8 Deluxe. However, before I just buy it I want to make sure I won't be disappointed. Can someone tell me if the limitations I listed will still be a problem with EMC8 Deluxe? Or, even better, is there anywhere I can get a trial version of EMC8? I know some programs offer 30 day trials so people can try out the software before purchasing it. Or am I totally wrong in my assumption about EMC8 Deluxe and all I need to do is get some kind of upgrade to the one I have to unlock the featrues? If this is so how do I get this magical upgrade?

I appreciate any help, thank you.

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You are correct. The Deluxe version has all features enabled. However, you will find that many consumer level video editors do not have the type of control that you need.


NTSC video is 29.97 frames per second. Most consumer level editors do not support still images down to the frame by frame. I'm not sure what you mean by 'stop action'. If you are using video, do a frame grab and insert it as a still with a duration needed to make it look like the video has 'stopped'.


If you are talking about rotoscoping, Videowave can not support that. You need something like Adobe Premiere. Premiere Elements may support that. I don't know.


#2: MyDVD 8 uses premade templates for thumbnails frames. There is NO WAY to change them. Not even in the Deluxe version. You can mix and match in the Deluxe version meaning use the Background from one 'style' and use the buttons from another 'style'.

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